Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Catching Up with Canuck

A Nanciyaga, Veracruz moment with Canucka

Oh my it has been a long time. Too long. I realize that the blog has been hanging out in the shadows of my mind, nudging me from time to time and whispering "Hoooooola, te extrañoooooo¨.  The truth of the matter is that I lost track of what this blog is about. Expat/mommy/news/adventure/general nonsense, I have kind of covered it all since beginning in 2007.  In becoming a "professional" blogger, writer and social media maven, the time for my personal blog mostly disappeared, the inspiration was lost and it all seemed like a duty instead of something fabulous and fun. I have begun to really it miss it though and hope that by taking a leap with this (unplanned/unstructured/off the top of my head) post, I can get the ball rolling again.

On top of the world. Well, on top of the Nohoch Mul pyramid at Coba.

So, what have you missed? Or where should I start? "Hi, my name is Kelly and I am a M.I.A. blogger trying to get back on the horse". My gorgeous little monkey is now seven years old and tonnes of trouble, mommy work is taking its toll on me truth be told. The separation from his dad hit him hard and he is acting out in all kinds of ingenious ways. I've got a new fabulous love in my life who helps me enormously, he is kind, generous, gentle, gentlemanly, intelligent, creative, funny, talented (need I mention sexy?). He's great with Max and the two of them are figuring out how they fit into each other's lives. The kitty cat count is up to five, which means cat hair count is up to gazillions, but I love them all (all the cats, not all the hairs). Thankfully Max and Mike (new guy has a name!) love the kitties too, otherwise we may have a rebellion on our hands.

We conquered the rappel tower at Aventuras Mayas

I've had a plethora of adventures in the last few months, I am loving having a "newbie" to Cancun to show around! I introduced Mike to four archaeological sites in one month (he's a trooper/!) I've taken my city boy to Tulum, Akumal, Playa del Carmen, Puerto Morelos, Isla Mujeres, Merida, Valladolid and a few secret points in between. We've snorkeled with sea turtles, explored the lagoon at Yal Ku, checked out the reef and a few cenotes. We swam with dolphins and sailed on a catamaran, rappelled and ziplined. He's learned the best way to rig a beach umbrella without losing an eye, how to deal with "constant sand-in-the-pants syndrome" and that sunglasses are a health item, not a fashion accessory. I learned that marquesitas are not a national food but are something local. (Who knew? They are everywhere here but Mike had never heard of them! Something new everyday, even after nine years.)

Taking a leap at cenote Jardin del Eden

My most recent adventure is probably what has inspired me to begin writing again. On a trip to Veracruz a couple of weeks ago, I had a pretty big spiritual awakening. Negative energy out, positive energy in, practically smacking me upside the head to get moving with what I love. Finding my voice, finding my place in the world and in the cybersphere, and encountering the path to love myself and thrive on this big blue marble we call home. I'm on the road to wellness, feeling good, feeling full of amor and buenas vibras, and ready to rock the world.

So, this IS the relaunch of Cancun Canuck. In a way it's a new start, I will be "rebranding" to be "A Canuck in Mexico", I don't want to be limited to the niche of Cancun and the Riviera Maya (though of course it's my home so it will likely take prominence). I want to discover ALL of Mexico's beauty and share it with the world. I'll slip in a few mommy moments, a dash of expat observations (though I no longer feel like an expat, I am sure it will come up) and snippets of my life and my loves. I will be redesigning and coming out with a "new look" blog soon!

So, hi again, nice to see you, what's new with you?


Steve Cotton said...

Welcome back. Good to hear life is spiraling up for you.

Anonymous said...

Kelly!!!!!!! Im glad to see some updates !!!!!!!!! You look great as usual...and holy crap did Max get to be 7 !!!!!! wowee!

Babs said...

Great to hear all is well! Keep on writing, spontaneously.

I never plan - just sit down and write. It's more fun, for me, that way........

Jessica- Mexican At Heart said...

Welcome back Kelly! Looking forward to your fun and witty writing... and experiences in Meheco :) So happy for you and all the positive things that have been happening!

PS- Any chance I can get a shout in your blog roll?

CancunCanuck said...

Thanks Steve, feels good to be back! I have a lot of catching up to do!

Hola Erica!!! I know, 7, unreal! Saluditos!

Babs, thank you! I've gotten so wrapped up in the duty of the blog that I forgot how much fun it is to simply sit down and write, get it out naturally. Nice to see you!

Jessica, the blog roll is "on the list", haha, and of course you are in!

CancunCanuck said...

Done Jessica!

Laura said...

I am so glad to hear that you are feeling renewed! Your post sounded like a conversation one would have with a long-missed friend. So wonderful! I've been missing your posts; can't wait to see the new look!

KfromMichigan said...

I sure have missed your blogging amiga! So glad you will be back. Don't care what you write about or even if it's just pictures.... Beach and more beach pics. By the way, Mike is a cutie!!

Barb said...

Welcome back! I've missed reading about your adventures. So happy to hear that life is being kind to you.

Theresa in Mèrida said...

I have missed you a lot! Welcome back.


Kelly said...

So great to hear from you again - as a long time reader, I'm excited to see what your blog holds. Glad you're doing well and howdy from Texas!

ElleCancun said...

Welcome back!!!

So happy you have such wonderful positive changes in your life :) Max will be okay. My parents split when me and my 4 brothers were younger...Was hard, but ultimately the best thing !! Something to get used to, as you say :)

Fned said...

YAY! So happy you're back and in good form! Max is 7 - that is bonkers!!! Can't wait to read more!!
x Fned.

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