Thursday, August 1, 2013

Del Sol Photography - My Job Rocks

Being the social media junkie that I am, I follow a LOT of pages on Facebook. For years one of my faves has been Del Sol Photography. I was super fan, oohing and aahing and sharing their photos out of pure love and fascination. In 2012 I saw they were hiring production help in their office and I jokingly commented that they should look me up if they were ever in need of social media marketing help. In a fine example of "ask and ye shall receive", in 2013 the universe brought me the opportunity to meet up with the fine folks behind the magic and I left my job of almost four years to join the Del Sol team as "Digital Brand Manager" (fancy words for "marketing on the internetz").

I feel like the luckiest woman on the planet. As a community manager, content is king and I have THE best possible content to share everyday. Incredible, magical, "unicorn" moments captured by the artists behind the lens. Yes, they have technical skill, but beyond that all the Del Sol photographers are gifted in their ability to freeze emotions in time, not your standard "everyone get together and smile" shots you see from typical wedding photographers.

I'm thrilled to be working with innovators. Not content to just cruise on their natural talents, they are constantly improving their skills and seeking innovation in their art. Del Sol Photography was one of the first studios to embrace the "trash the dress" trend many years ago and are now simply THE BEST in the field of underwater mermaid brides. Now Del Sol goes one step beyond and has created the "Adam and Eve" session, brides and grooms swimming out of their gowns and suits and going "au naturel" in the cenotes, expressing their love and passion in these artful photos.

Apart from their skill, talent and artistic vision, the Del Sol peeps are truly, authentically, honestly NICE. Muy buena onda. Every one of them! I'm surrounded by kindness and artistic enthusiasm! I really couldn't ask for a better job, I feel blessed everyday, grateful for all that I am learning and the opportunity to bring my own skills to the table as part of the team.

This is not a paid post. It was not a request from the boss man. It comes directly from my heart and I really wanted to share this with you, my readers. It IS possible to live the dream my friends! Just put it out to the universe and it will come to you too!

(All photos in this post courtesy Del Sol Photography)


myWmind said...

Hi Kelly!

Congratulations! Now that you have your dream job, be the best and enjoy it!

JeffreyThomas said...

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