Friday, November 22, 2013

Catalonia Riviera Maya Weekend Escape

Most people think that living in Cancun is an endless beach party, cocktails, sunshine and bikinis. OH how I wish that were true. The reality is that we work and work and work and work and that very few people actually take the time to enjoy the beauty that is around us or to relax and enjoy a "touristy" moment. Fortunately, my job entails taking those moments (work, work, work) and writing about them. Perhaps not often enough, but enough that I recognize just how fortunate I am. 

I was recently invited to spend a weekend at the Catalonia Riviera Maya Resort in Puerto Aventuras. And OH how we needed this escape. Boyfriend and I jetted (ok, drove) down to Puerto Aventuras on a Friday night, had a very welcoming and friendly check-in and settled in to our suite. Ooooh, sweet suite in the "privileged" section of the hotel (a little upgrade from the standard rooms, more amenities, privacy and tranquility). I had purposely starved myself that day knowing I would be spending a weekend with unlimited food (DANGER DANGER screamed my waistline) so I was "hangry" (hungry/angry) and ready to chow down.

Boyfriend and I are both super fans of Asian cuisine so we headed to the "Mikado" restaurant for some teppan fun and sushi treats. I started off reaching for the cocktail menu and enjoyed an "ojos verdes", a totally yummy green drink made with local liqueur "Xtabentun". The restaurant features a set menu enjoyed in a group setting with a chef cooking for all with Japanese "flair" (though our chef was from Yucatan, he did a great job). The sushi was really really good, I actually asked for more of the tuna sashimi (joys of all inclusive!) The veggies in the teppan were super fresh and crispy and we walked out so full that we didn't even have dessert (shocking, I know!)

The next morning dawned bright and sunny (we were sooo worried about rain, Cancun has been inundated lately!) and we were overjoyed. Our plan was simple. Do. Nothing. We had breakfast at the buffet, booked a couple of spa treatments for the afternoon and just chilled by the pool. Walked on the beach. Chased birds and fish. Chilled some more and tried to learn Russian by osmosis (the place was like Little Moscow!)

The highlight of our stay was our visit to the Alegria Spa. We arrived an hour before our appointments to take advantage of the hydrotherapy circuit. Cool shower, hot sauna, cool dip in the pool, hot steam, repeat. And repeat. Boyfriend went off for his massage and I for my facial AND massage. Delicious! We both left the place so relaxed that we were practically speaking in tongues.

We enjoyed our dinner that evening in the "Bamboleo Grill", the service was incredible and the food was very tasty. I realized that in my youth I would look at an all inclusive as "drink all you can" and now in my "old age" I am definitely more about the food. We didn't hit the bar, we only had a few cocktails all weekend but oh my did we satisfy our taste buds!

The next day was a little bit rainy so we just snuggled in under the covers before going for our brekkie. We wandered a bit between the rain drops, enjoyed some people mocking  watching and headed back to the room to pack up. A quick weekend getaway but incredibly valuable! We relished the (unfamiliar) relaxation together. Totally recommend getting away with your love as often as possible, cannot wait to do this again! Next time we may even get up and enjoy some activities....or not...there is something quite divine about "doing nothing" in paradise. When's the last time you did the same? Treat yourself!

For more photos. please see my Catalonia Riviera Maya Flickr set.

**The weekend was provided courtesy of Catalonia Resorts but all opinions expressed here are my own.


KfromMichigan said...

I love being in Cancun .. even in the rain!

Unknown said...

Thats such a inspiring story I can't wait to get there....two pay cheques n I'm gone....

Lazy Jacques said...

I have been looking everywhere for a recipe to make an "Ojos verdes" cocktail, but without success! It seems to be a very local speciality, possibly from that resort alone - can anyone help?

Susan said...

This was a really great contest and hopefully I can attend the next one. It was alot of fun and I really enjoyed myself. See Instagram photos and videos from 'Pictame' hashtag.

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