Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Selvatica Cancun - Jungle Love with Discovery Mundo

But first, let me take a selfie #goprokid 

On a recent summer weekend in Cancun, bouncing down a jungle road with sweat dripping into my eyes, I can't help but smile as I remember the first time we visited Selvatica. Max was only 3 years old, the tiniest little thing, but even back then he was vying to be the first to fly on the ziplines and only upside down por favor. Seven years later he has become quite the expert in extreme adventures and we were delighted to accept the invitation of Discovery Mundo to visit Selvatica for a fresh look at the park and a great day of adrenaline-fueled fun.

Just chilling in the tree tops (photo courtesy Selvatica)

Now that Max is a niƱo grande, the local agencies and public relations folks know that he is THE man to invite on fam trips (and sure, bring your mom too). The gang of media peeps who are regularly invited seem to like having him around, he brings a sense of humour, wonder and an infectious energy to the day and he has become a full-fledged member of "Team Social Media Cancun".
Upside down is the only way to fly (photo courtesy Selvatica)

For our return trip to Selvatica, he was ready once again to lead the way. Smart travelers understand that making friends with the guides will give you an enhanced experience and Max got right to it with high fives and fist bumps all around. With our harnesses on and the safety speech complete, we made our way to the top of the first tower and started our journey over the canopy. 

Pointy toes, can't undo 25 years of ballet
(photo courtesy Selvatica)

Max was first off every platform, sometimes upside down in tandem with a guide, other times flying solo over the tree tops. I was right behind him all the way, enjoying the ziplines immensely but getting an even bigger rush from seeing Mr. Independent rocking the course and making friends along the way. 

Defying gravity, with a smile and attitude
(photo courtesy Selvatica)

After the thrill of the ziplines, we were ready to be refreshed and enjoy the cool waters of the cenote. We had a blast watching everyone take their best shot at getting a full flip off the zipline into the water, most of the attempts turning into spectacular belly flops that brought laughter and guffaws echoing through the trees and prompting the guide to hold up a sign saying "OUCH".

Belly flop pain in 3, 2, 1.... #goprogirl

The day was over too quickly, we really didn't want to leave, Max was super sad to have to say goodbye to the guides, particularly Hector who he had really taken a shine to. Selvatica is a top-notch company and I was excited to see that while they have made some changes to the park since our last visit, the rustic (yet safe!) vibe and warm personalities of their staff were still intact, we felt like family and were honoured to join "The Tribe". Living the adventure alongside my intrepid kid was priceless (is my mama pride showing?), I am grateful to the universe for every chance I have to share experiences like this with him.

The dynamic Canuck duo
(photo courtesy Selvatica)

This tour was provided courtesy Discovery Mundo, all opinions are my own.

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