Thursday, November 26, 2015

Un Paso Mas Por Lesly - One More Step for Lesly

There have been days when it feels like the world is against me, that everything is a struggle and I just do not have the power to keep moving forward.  And then, I met Lesly. Gorgeous smiling face, charming personality and an attitude that ANYTHING is possible, she has inspired me to be grateful for every blessing in my life and to set my goals high.

Lesly is a 17 year old Cancunense, a true warrior woman. She lost her leg at 7 years old in a car accident but that has not stopped her from pursuing an extraordinary life. She is a champion swimmer, winning medals and warming hearts wherever she goes and always seeking new challenges like rocking out the Jetsurf. Her dream is to attend college to study to be a trainer for people with disabilities and to continue her athletic journey.

Working together with Guardavidas Cancun, Jetsurf Mexico, SUP Ladies de Bahia and Equipo Forza, we have created a campaign to raise funds to purchase a prosthetic leg for young Lesly. This will be a long road for this fabulous young woman, she will first need a "daily" prothestic to enable to her to learn how to walk again, once she is comfortable then we will see her shine in a specialized athletic apparatus. To start the journey, we have a goal of raising 150000 pesos and with your help, I know we will reach and surpass this goal! Even the smallest donation is appreciated, step by step we will watch Lesly continue on her path to great success. Please donate and share the love and the inspiration! 

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