Thursday, April 14, 2016

Mahahual Waterpark "Lost Mayan Kingdom"

Lost Mayan Kingdom Mahahual
Our recent Mother/Son Road Trip was such a blast and a big part of it was our day at Lost Mayan Kingdom in Mahahual. The waterpark has been open less than a year, aiming at the cruise ship visitors who dock in the Costa Maya and they have done a fantastic job of creating an excursion for families that love adventure.

Love a waterpark with elevators! 
We had the great fortune of visiting on a day with no ships in port, we had the park almost completely to ourselves! Max better not get accustomed to this VIP/private water park treatment or I am in big trouble.

Adventure Dude
The concept of the park is unique, centered around a giant pyramid from which all the ziplines and waterslides originate. To the delight of my knees, there are no stairs or towers to climb, the elevators whisk you to the floor of your choice. With twelve waterslides and several zipline courses, the elevators were definitely a life saver. 

Max and I hit the ziplines first, fast and furious adrenaline! The staff were amazing, so friendly and funny though they take safety very seriously of course. They accompanied us through the whole course and I was really interested in their stories of life in Mahahual, a totally different vibe than Cancun (and very tempting to move there!) 

Never choose the easy path

The hanging rope bridge course offered easy, intermediate and advanced paths. Guess which one little Maxito chose....

Reach the bottom, go right back up again

After a quick lunch break (YUMMY hamburgers from the onsite food truck), we were ready to take the plunge on the waterslides. I took my turn on most of them then went for a nap in a hammock while Max gave the staff a run for their money to see how many times he could do each slide. His fave was "Chaac" racing down the slide on a mat, I lost count of how many times he went up and down on that baby.

Oh that smile
I finally convinced him to STOP and take a break with me on the Jaguar River (some say lazy, but that's just so negative). We chilled out, enjoyed the peace and the sunshine and the scenes that line the river depicting a Mayan jungle expedition. 

I thought we were done for the day, but try telling an energetic ten year old boy that it's time to leave his private water park. Yeah, no. We did a few more runs on the waterslides and I was SPENT. I managed to convince him it was time to go, after 17 "Just one more PLEEEEEASE!" moments.

A big thanks to all the folks at Lost Mayan Kingdom for a wonderful day, the activities were awesome, the adrenaline surge was fun and the staff made us feel like family. Definitely worth a visit if you are in the Costa Maya region! 

** We were provided complimentary entry by the park but all opinions expressed are my own.

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