Thursday, August 31, 2017

Working in Cancun: Making the Most of the "Vida Godínez"

Hola everybody! I know, I know, it's been a long time since I've written but here I am with a brand new post and hairdo!

So, what's the Canuck been up to? Working, exploring, being mom and cleaning up after six cats. I've got a new car (her name is Dusty and I love her!), got a new kitty named Blaze (love her too!) and a "new" job!

Dusty The Adventuremobile

 Blaze: Kitty Number Six

After years of working freelance, writing in my jammies from home and enjoying it MASSIVELY, I was invited to interview for a travel agency here in Cancun to create content and develop and implement strategies in social media marketing. I confess that I was hesitant to return to "la vida Godinez" (a very Mexican expression for "office worker/drone") after years of "freedom" and no uniforms. I was frank about my doubts and clear about the conditions I would need to commit to the change. We came to an agreement and I joined the team at GoMexico.

Best Team EVER

Getting up early and having to be somewhere at a certain time was hard initially (well, still is). Wearing a uniform is annoying. Corporate rules and regs have never been my thing, I'm a bit of a stubborn rebel to be honest. But. In a very short time I found my groove and started to genuinely ENJOY coming to the office. I'm working alongside some incredibly talented folks, very good at what they do and they are all friendly, kind, caring and FUN! I get to work with my two best friends in the world Marhu and Miguel aka "lavidaesviaje" which makes Godinez life less of a stress and more of a pleasure. Anaid, Diana and Homero may think I am a bit of a nutter some days, but I am delighted to call them friends and not just co-workers and they make my time in the office fly by.

Early Morning Bus Ride To the Jungle

Last weekend we were required to attend an "obligatory" team building day. I was a bit resentful at first, giving up my Saturday for a business thing but after the experience, I feel that I must express my gratitude to GoMexico for looking beyond the normal "corporate bullshit" and providing us with a unique day of introspection, reflection and camaraderie.

Agua Azul Camp

We were taken to Agua Azul, a stunning cenote and jungle refuge on the "Ruta de Cenotes" near Lázaro Cárdenas. It was like being at summer camp all over again! We played games, sang songs, went on a treasure hunt and challenged ourselves to get out of our comfort zone. Taking a leap off a cliff into the cenote was a huge fear to overcome for many. It was truly inspiring to watch people take 30 minutes to get to the edge, give up, then go back again, with tears flowing and fear oozing from their pores, then finally making the jump. I had goosebumps witnessing these brave moments, I´ll never forget dear Gaby truly struggling with then overcoming her fear, a "stranger" to me in the morning but in the moment I spontaneously embraced her while she cried tears of happiness (relief?), she became a friend.

My doubts about returning to office life have disappeared, mostly because this is a truly different and unique company to work for. GoMexico is celebrating 25 years of service in Cancun and in that time they have proven that they respect their employees and make a great effort to ensure that our lives are well rounded and not just work, work, work. Monthly workshops with psychologists and experts in a variety of areas of life that are not job related, theme days where we dress up silly, (tomorrow is ROCK N ROLL day!) birthday cakes and casual gatherings outside of the office, so many reasons that I am now embracing my Godinez life with a smile.

Muchas gracias GoMexico, felicidades for 25 years of service, may the next 25 be a blast! Our sister company offers the best Cancun tours, please show your support for a truly local company with excellent products that treats its employees like family!

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