Friday, April 3, 2020

Cancun in the Times of Covid19

- blows dust off blog -
- wipes blog with disinfectant -

Oh hello! Strange days, eh? It's been a while since I've written but it seems I have some time on my hands and some thoughts on my mind. Too much time and too many thoughts make Canuck cray cray so I'm here at the keyboard to sort it out old school, blog style.

I'm currently in Cancun where we are in "toque de queda", with orders to stay at home. Police are in the streets and drones are flying around telling people to "quedate en casa".At this point I am not sure if that is to stop the spread of infection or to prevent a huge crime wave on the heels of massive firings in the tourism industry. The majority of hotels are shuttered, tours cancelled, beaches closed, nightclubs dark, ferries limiting movement to and from Isla Mujeres and Cozumel. Our entire population, myself included, is fueled by tourism and reports suggest we'll have close to one million unemployed people in Cancun and the surrounding areas. Keep in mind that Cancun only has a population of about one million do the math.

Photo courtesy Meganews

Covid19 hit Cancun at the worst possible time for our economy. Spring break. Semana Santa. No promises of a summer season. Cancun Spring Break and Semana Santa (Easter vacation in Mexico when we see waves of domestic travelers) are THE most important weeks of the year and account for a large percentage of the destination's income. Entonces, not only are we not seeing any new reservations, we're refunding cancellations, leaving the coffers empty. Nobody will be getting paid. Myself included. Sigh. I've taken out a bank loan to survive, mostly to ease my anxiety. I am fortunate to have this option.

Solar Powered Canuck

My son Max and I are healthy so far. An active teenager with an order to stay at home is not an easy monster to deal with, but we're finding our way. After a couple of escapes to go to the beach, he's locked down and helping me out around the house. We've got the pool and the roof so we are able to get a little fresh air and sunshine when we start bouncing off the walls. I'm reading a lot, watching series and movies, dancing to 80's music, talking to the cats, sleeping, cooking. Groceries are being delivered and there is no toilet paper shortage. I've ordered a deck of cards and a set of dice from Amazon, we're going to learn ALL the two player games.

I have no idea what day it is or what time is it though I am looking forward to Friday night for Rupaul's Drag Race and Saturday for an online family reunion. Right. Today is Friday. YAS QUEEN! Today's book is "The Murmur of Bees", we'll be eating leftovers and napping intermittently. I may even shower later if I am not too busy peering out the window and sighing.

Y tu? How's your apocalypse going? Muak. Hasta pronto!

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